Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a part of the LocalDawgs community?

With share-based pet care, one member pet-sits for you, and you reciprocate to that member or another member – at no additional cost. Pet owners are already well versed in caring for pets and therefore understand their needs and demands. The added bonus is that connecting local pet owners with each other builds communities and friendships – for humans and their pets.

Is LocalDawgs Safe and Secure?

Absolutely. Safety is our #1 priority. Every person who joins LocalDawgs verifies their identity by confirming personal details like their phone number and internet accounts. Every member is also connected to their social networks.

What if I can’t find any members in my search?

Help us spread the word! LocalDawgs is a community of pet owners intending to connect with other pet owners. More members means more availability, and the better your chances are to have many different member options. Each member shares their location range – which appears on their profile – and will show up in your searches if they are in your desired location perimeter.

How do I know who is the right member to help me?

As a member of LocalDawgs, you will have access to other member profiles. Browse photos of them and their pets, check out their availability and what type of pets they are willing to care for and find your pet’s next best friend!

What do I do if something goes wrong?

LocalDawgs is not responsible in the event of any issues or emergencies see our Terms & Conditions. Pet owners should leave pet sitters with all of the information that they might need to escalate issues – emergency contact information, vet information, pet insurance information, etc. – as well as provide them all of the relevant instructions they need when taking care of the pet.